Selena Gomez addresses Justin Bieber's engagement with a T-shirt

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Pretty damn convincing! 

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up just a few months ago so it’s unsurprising that many fans are wondering how she’s doing with the news JB is engaged to Hailey Baldwin (after what seems like two minutes of dating). 

When news first broke about the engagement, Selena was seen on a yacht in New York City with her friends, leaving many thinking she couldn’t really care less about the fact her ex has moved on so fast.

Now, the engagement has been confirmed so fans are even more curious about Selena’s reaction. The singer was spotted in NYC on a shopping spree with friends and looked very happy as she dodged questions about the engagement. 

While she didn’t actually say anything, the team at Cosmopolitan have noticed she potentially gave her answer through her T-shirt which had the words “ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE” written on the pocket.

It’s not even the first time she’s chosen to send a message via her clothing. Selena was spotted a few weeks ago wearing a “CHOOSE EMPATHY” jumper as a message to the US government when they were separating children from their parents.

So we’re going to assume Selena’s doing pretty well and doesn’t care too much about the whole sitch.

Image: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images


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Written By Marni Dixit