Sarah Hyland under serious fire for inappropriate video

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"This is repulsive"

Sarah Hyland is in hot water after appearing in an inappropriate video for InStyle's Golden Globes coverage.

The video, posted on Instagram, shows Hyland supposedly leaving the Golden Globes afterparty and drunkenly stumbling out of an elevator. The bellhop, a much older man, is quite handsy with the actress, if not lecherous.

Look, it's not good.

Fans have been quick to comment on the distasteful vid:

"Did no one filming this one stop to think, "hey, maybe this one is a little...not right..." ??"

"literally goes completely against the whole idea behind the timesup movement"

"An old man eyeing and grabbing an intoxicated young woman...makes #timesup look like a joke"

"What an obscene contradiction to the entire evening"

"This made me feel uncomfortable."

"This upsets me.. not because we can't take a joke.. but the seriousness of the occasion #timesup and yet this contradicts the event in some ways"

"This is repulsive"

And tbh they're not wrong.

In fact, this year's Golden Globes were nothing short of legendary with female actors banding together to wear black to both speak out for and stand in solidarity with, sexual misconduct in Hollywood and other arenas.

Some, like Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, Amy Poehler and Michelle Williams even brought gender and racial activists (including founder of #metoo) to the event as their guests. 

In a statement Sunday, the advocates say they were inspired by the Time's Up initiative. They said the goal in attending the awards was to shift focus away from the perpetrators and back on survivors and creating lasting change.

“A show of solidarity at an awards show is one very small piece,” said Reese Witherspoon, who spoke to the Bagger in late December about Time’s Up. “It really is a statement that women are deeply unified, we always have been, and that we stand up for those who can’t speak up.”

Thankfully, not all the elevator videos were distasteful.

Let's have a palate cleanser shall we?

Read more and see the black ensembles here.

Lead Image: Getty / Joe Scarnici 


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