Samantha Armytage dumped as MC after cringy Sunrise interview

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Samantha Armytage has been dropped as host of an UNHCR lunch after backlash from Sunrise skit with Kristin Davis

The Sunrise host has been slammed after a skit with Kristin Davis went wrong and resulted in Sam being dumped as the MC for The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee lunch.


Sunrise co-host Kochie told viewers that Sam had been dropped:

 “Since our interview yesterday, organisers have asked Sam not to host the event now or to attend it at all, that was unexpected"

An upset Armatage added:

“I always was, and I still am, very happy to host this fundraiser for such an important cause” 

RECAP: If you missed it, Sam did an interview with Kristin Davis on Sunrise yesterday to talk about her work with UNHCR. So you’d think she’d ask a few questions about it, right?

WRONG, she barely spoke about it all… and it kinda annoyed Kristen...



The majority of the interview consisted of a very cringe worthy re-enactment of a scene from Sex and the City.  Natalie Barr and Edwina Bartholemew played Miranda Hobbes and Samantha Jones while Armytage wore a curly wig to play Carrie.


We get that Sam was just trying to have some fun with Kristen, who plays Charlotte on the rom com but we think Kristen would’ve preferred she didn’t. Kristen politely although looked very awkward played along with the crew until the end when she said, “I don't know that this is a great idea frankly. No offence.” Kirsten said following the skit.

Later Kochie spoke to viewers about the incident:

“We spoke about her important work in this area for several minutes, at the start of the interview. Unfortunately everyone forgot about that bit and just focused on the end of the segment where we did a Sex and the City sketch. Kristin was apparently offended and we are very sorry if you are.” 


Written By Anna Pentelow
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