Sam Cochrane reveals what you DIDN’T see on the Bachelorette

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Sam Cochrane

This changes things…

According to reports from the Daily Mail, the latest man sent packing on The Bachelorette, Sam Cochrane actually had a much closer relationship with Sophie Monk than the show let on. 

The 31-year-old is reported to have said that he and Monk actually shared a passionate kiss, but that it was edited out. 

In a pretty confusing set of statements, the voiceover artist shared that the pair kissed but that the producers “just didn’t film it” before backtracking and saying that it was filmed, but that “they just didn’t show it”

Anyway, film or no film, Cochrane maintained that the kiss happened and that “it was great”

In the end, however, it seems the kiss wasn't enough... Sophie's concerns about seeing the "real" Sam resulted in her sending him home without a rose. 

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Bachelorette Sophie Monk revealed she rejected a kiss from one of her suitors:

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