Sacha Baron Cohen ditches his pants for Grimsby premiere in London

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Sasha Baron Cohen is not one to shy away from making an impression- arriving at his Grimsby premiere in 'nuthuggers'

When you think Sasha Baron Cohen, you think mankini, sideburns, big moustache and a pool of politically incorrect phrases.

To simplify it, he is not one to disappoint.

So, it’s no surprise that he showed up to his Grimsby premiere in character has anyone ever seen him not in character??? Wearing stained turtleneck polo, white slippers accompanied with black socks and some very disagreeable undies. 



His beautiful wife Isla fisher looked the picture of elegance in a dark green long gown.

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'Norman' arriving at Grimsby premiere in his family car with his seven kids. IMAGE | TWITTER

Grimsby, is written by Baron Cohen and follows two brothers who reconnect after being seperated at a young age. One brother (Sasha Baron Cohen) grows up to be a family man, raising his 7 kids in a small town with his wife Lindsey (Rebel Wilson). The other brother is a successful, James Bond like agent, with a beautiful girlfriend and perfect house. So you can only imagine what he's like when he is confronted with his estranged sibling...

Watch the trailer for Grimsby below:

The hilarious Rebel Wilson plays Lindsey, Norman's wife... while his actual real life wife Isla Fisher plays Margaret.

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In tradiditonal Sasha Baron Cohen form his 'character' Nobby made offensive and racist jokes throughout his chat with the audience at the premiere. People were a little shocked when had a dig at the Oscars racism scandal:

*Warning some people may find this offensive*

"There’s no chance Grimbsy will get any Oscars this year. That is why we decided to cast two black actors."

These comments come after the Academy didn't nominate any black actors at this year's Oscars.

Written By Anna Pentelow