Ruby Rose's celebrity demands are revealed

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The DJ/actress has made headlines after her backstage demands go viral. 

Ruby Rose has made it big in Hollywood. REALLY BIG!

Ever since she appeared on the hit tv show, Orange is the New Black, Ruby has gone from strength to strength. The 29-year old has a long list of celebrity pals, including Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber.


Ruby and Justin. IMAGE | TWITTER

Not only is she killing it on TV but the DJ has been pocketing $30k for her DJ performances. The former MTV VJ does have a list of requirements with TMZ reporting that Ruby insists on 2 large SUVs that are no older than the 2014 model.


Ruby has appeared in 8 episodes of Orange is the New Black. IMAGE | TWITTER

The dressing room must have sushi, fresh fruit, raw veggies, almonds and popcorn.

Here is the list of what Ruby wants in her dressing room:

- 3 bottles of hand sanitizer   

- 2 packs of Philosophy face wipes 

- Fresh cut flowers and vanilla scented candles 

- 6 non-alcoholic beers  

- 4 bottles of Suja juice   

- 2 bottles of OJ

Some of the requests are a little weird and very specific. She's not the first celebrity to requests odd things. Check out what Anne Hathaway reportedly has done behind the scenes. 

Written By Anna Pentelow