The Red Wiggle and his Dorothy the Dinosaur wife compete on Ninja Warrior

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Red Wiggle and wife

They're seriously ripped!

It blew our minds last year when we found out Simon Pryce, AKA the Red Wiggle, was married to Lauren Hannaford, who used to play Dorothy the Dinosaur – but now the pair has surprised us further by appearing on Australian Ninja Warrior. 

Lauren is a personal trainer so it's unsurprising she and Simon are ridiculously ripped: 

Lauren managed to make it further in the competition than Simon, who fell into the water in quite spectacular fashion:

Speaking to FEMAILLauren revealed how she maintains those abs of hers, saying she trains between four and five times a week and mixes it up between weight training and cardio:

“I’ll do a session that lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.”

“Otherwise, I'll hop on the treadmill or get outdoors and go for a six kilometre run.

“I find running is so good for my brain. It feels like a day of brain storming or organising the filing cabinet in my mind.”

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She added that people need to embrace bodyweight resistance training:

“Getting your body moving through a full range of motion not only strengthens your muscles, but helps with mobility as well as length and tone.”

“I would also add that if you want to help tone, then you are going to have a very long distance relationship with sugar.”

However, she did admit she's partial to a "square or two" of dark chocolate.

Image: Lauren Hannaford/Instagram


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