The reason the Royals aren't addressing the Meghan and Kate rumours

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They are awfully quiet...

There's a reason the royals are not addressing the Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton rumours 

Which Middleton has now publicly addressed... Well, kind of. 

And then there has also been reports that Markle is driving a wedge between brothers Prince Harry and Prince William.

There's a new rumour slamming poor Markle every single day. According to the rumours, the rift between the brothers is what's making Prince Harry and Markle move to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor rather than an apartment next to William and Kate at Kensington Palace.

However, there is no mention of any rift or addressing the rumours from the royals - SHOCK HORROR.

It's definitely not out of character for the royals not to say anything but there's actually a protocol they need to follow.

If the rumours are not true we're sure Queen Liz is just dying to jump up on her balcony and defend her new addition to the family.

The royals protocol is to not comment on stories of a personal nature.

According to Yahoo UK PR expert Nick Ed slammed reports of any feud between Markle and the other royals while explaining it was perfectly normal for the palace to stay silent.

“The palace doesn’t need to respond to any type of rumour like this — the relationships between the families is, of course, fine."

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Written By Christina Cavaleri