The REAL Reason Sam Boycotted MAFS Finale

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We've done some internet sleuthin'.

First thing's first: we're officially sorry for any blood boiling rage that you may be experiencing due to the above image.

It's a shame, but we need to use that pic so you know what we're talking about.

Here, have some palate-cleansing puppies:

Right, that's better. On with the show.

Sam Ball, 26, was notoriously absent from last night's Married At First Sight finale.

And while there is many a rumour floating around - and jokes about another 'funeral' to attend - we think we've found the answer.

Around the time the finale aired... Sam chose to launch his new YouTube 'personality' career aka Sam The Rogue:

"A little teaser of my first YouTube video finally launching now!!! It’s going to be a channel full of laughs and a reflection of my true self," Sam captioned the image.

"I look forward to sharing the content with you all. Check out the link, please subscribe and I hope you enjoy."

The fact that Sam thinks he can say those things - like, IDK that Elizabeth needs to go for a run - on national TV and still launch a successful career begs believing but here we are.

'But he's just a casual rogue, a loveable chap! You've got it all wrong!' his video screams.

There isn't a wave of broken women in his wake!

Can't you see him in a T-Rex costume?

Image: Instagram / Sam Ball

Written By Ally Parker