Prince William reportedly had doubts about Prince Harry and Meghan's relationship

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Prince Harry, Prince William and Meghan Markle


Adding more fuel to the fire (because when is there ever no drama in this Royal household?), turns out Prince William was concerned about his brother Prince Harry's whirlwind relationship with Meghan Markle. 

According to The Sun, the latest goss is that Prince Will thought that his little brother's relationship was too much too soon and 'voiced his doubts' ahead of the Royal Wedding.

Dun, dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnn. 

And guess what? Prince William even told The Queen!


The publication reports that amid William's uncertainty over Prince Harry and Meghan's quick relationship, he confided in his grandmother and told her about his and Kate's worries.

The two princes have always had a close relationship, with William always on the lookout for his younger bro but this time, Harry reportedly took offence his brother's comments towards his fiance. 

Rubbing salt to the wound, this latest drama stems from the highly publicised rumoured tiff between Duchess Kate and Meghan and royal household shakeup with the Sussexes moving out of Kensington Palace.

Sigh. Here's hoping the Fab Four can mend their broken London bridge just in time to spread the Christmas cheer. 

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"I just felt like this mountain of a woman next to them."


Now that's true love. 

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