Prince Harry's unexpected friendship with Hollywood actor

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How on earth did these two meet?

We scroll through our Instagram feeds imagining what it's like to live the glamourous life of the rich and famous.

Their entourages, extravagant wardrobes and 5-star meals. They all seem to be friends with each other, but we love discovering surprising friendships and wondering what they chat about.

Tom Hardy for example began his career as a model, he played super villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and he’s married to Actor Charlotte Riley with two children. 

You would think he would be sticking to the Hollywood crew, but nope, he's friends with a familiar royal.

Hardy recently called Prince Harry a "f**ing legend" in an Esquire interview, the actor dished on his friendship with the Prince.

“It’s deeply private. Harry is a f**ing legend,” he said.

That explains why he was at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Attending the wedding at Windsor Castle with his wife, the 40-year-old admits he flew from New Orleans – where he was filming his role as Al Capone in Fonzo – to London for the Prince’s special day. 

So when did these two legend meet?


It is believed the pair met in 2010 they were both at the Prince's Trust, an initiative run by Prince Charles. 

The Prince’s Trust is a charitable undertaking that supports young people in finding jobs and completing education.

Hardy says of the initiative:

“I became an Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust to show my support for its work with tens of thousands of disadvantaged young people every year. It’s so important to me that they get the life-changing second chance that I had."

Hardy has also been noticed by the Queen having this year received a CBE in the Queen’s Honours list – which recognises extraordinary people across the UK.

However, he almost missed out on the opportunity as his assistant assumed he wouldn't want the award.

“She refused it by accident. I was like, ‘Noooo! I want that one!’ You wouldn’t see me doing that for a Bafta! Ha! With no disrespect."

Imagine winning so many awards that you would actually want to turn some down.  

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