P!nk names and shames bar after they refused her entry

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"Man I’ve been to some cool bars..."

P!nk is probably pretty keen to get out of this side of the globe. 

She hasn't had the best luck, from getting sick and having to cancel shows, to her son getting sick and now a small New Zealand bar has angered stadium soaring singer.

Last night P!nk took to  twitter to share her fury after trying to host post-show drinks at a small establishment called Deadshot.

"Man I’ve been to some cool bars around the world, and Dead shot on Ponsonby road is not one of them."

P!nk doesn't actually go into what happens, probably due to the character limit on Twitter.

But the bar's manager, Heather Garland spoke to Stuff.co.nz and says P!nk was never present at the bar.

“We actually didn’t see Pink at all, but we would have loved to have her in.

“We did have some of her crew come in a couple of nights this week. They were lovely and we had a great time with them.”

According the article, Garland says she offered to arrange for P!nk and the rest of her entourage to have their post show drinks at a larger place. 

“We suggested a few of our favourite bars to try and offered to ring around and find a venue to host them, however they came anyway and we unfortunately had to turn them away.

“Unfortunately as we are a very small, seated service cocktail bar we just didn’t have enough space for the 30 people who showed up for an after-party. We usually only take groups of six or less.”

Some fans have weighed in on the argument prompting P!nk's hubby to step in.

However, it looks like P!nk did end up finding a bar in the end.

Congrats, Revelry! But here's hoping Deadshot has some loyal customers still.

Image credit: Instagram/P!nk


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