The new Bachelor mansion is the perfect place to fall in love

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The bachelor

We’re talking a $3.8 million place complete with Olympic size swimming pool and tennis court. 

If you’re not going to fall in love here, we don’t know where you would…

Let us introduce you to the brand new love nest that will host the new season of The Bachelor. The $3.8 million mansion is nestled in a secluded area in Glenorie, New South Wales and it looks like the perfect place to become a D-list celebrity find your lifelong partner.

THe Bachelor

The sneaky people at Daily Mail have obtained aerial images of the new pad which is complete with an Olympic size pool and tennis court. 

The Bachelor

The Bachelor

We can just imagine it now, the Bachelorette’s playing a spot of tennis while they are no doubt gossiping about the latest drama in the Bachelor house. The new pad costs $25,000-a-week-to-rent but that’s nothing in the quest of love #amirite. 

The ideal fairy-tale house boasts, water fountains, chandeliers, fireplaces and we’re going to guess endless bouquets and candles. Rumour has it that Channel Ten have reportedly started to film the new season of the hit show and the question on everyone’s lips in who is going to be the new Bachelor? 

Since leaving the Bachelorette last year there has been heavy rumours that rope technician (yes that’s a real job) Richie will be the next Bachelor. However, over the weekend last year’s runner-up Michael Turnbull denied the rumours in the Sydney Morning Herald:

I spoke to Richie just last week about The Bachelor, I asked if it was him and he said no and he asked if it was me and I also said no. We both discussed and we both said we were not really interested in doing it to be honest because we know what is involved. There is so much involved that people don’t see.”

With that said, we are still so team Richie for The Bachelor 2016. Come on Ritchie it's a love story, baby, just say yes!

Richie Bachelor

Image I Instagram, Richie
Written By Gemma Prendergast