This movie was so disgusting, it prompted a mass walk out

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“It’s disgusting.”

When your film is being shown at Cannes Film Festival you’re going to be excited. 

But then the realisation that the industry’s best is going to be there and watch it sets in.

They will be judging, HARD. 

Acclaimed director Lars von Trier was there for his latest film The House That Jack Built.

But, unfortunately, his film did not get rave reviews - it prompted a mass walk out. 

Over 100 people left the screening in outrage, Variety reported. 

“It’s disgusting.”

The House That Jack Built stars Matt Dillon as a serial killer who targets a series of victims, played by Uma Thurman and Riley Keough.

Viewers began to leave the cinema after a scene where Dillon’s character shot two children in the head, Variety claimed.

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