More proof Alex Nation’s relationship with Megan Luxa is real

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She's in lurve.

Since confirming she’s split with Richie Strahan and was now dating her football teammate Maegan Luxa last month, Alex Nation hasn’t shared much about her new relationship. Apart from a few paparazzi pics of them kissing and some ‘sources’ weighing on their love, haven’t heard much from her directly.

Which is why her Instastory yesterday came as a surprise. In it, the 26-year-old filmed Maegan at a Dashboard Confessional concert with her. When the band played the song ‘Stolen’ with the lyrics ‘You have stolen my heart’, Alex moved the video’s focus onto Maegan.

And well… there's no subtlety there.


Recently, Alex sent fans into meltdown when she 'liked' a throwback photo a fan had posted of her and Richie during their Bachelor glory days. Alongside the photo, the poster wrote that she'd been binge-watching ol' Bachie seasons (we've all been there) and had taken a liking to Alex and Richie's season. 

"My favourite love story was @alexandranation and @richie_strahan It wasn't the public's choice but I was happy that they found each other. I don't know whether they are together or not but it took a lot of courage to go on a show to find love and putting themselves out there." 

Hmmm... we wonder what she's playing at with that 'like'? 


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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