Model Shaun Ross breaks the Internet with his MASSIVE member

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Male model Shaun Ross, who is renowned for his unique albino features, JUST became a household name, after this naked pic of him went viral, sending the internet into a tizzy.  

If you didn’t know who he was before, you do now.

His name is Shaun Ross, he is an albino male model, and now he’s got the entire internet posing the question – “IS THAT EVEN REAL!?”

There is no way to sugarcoat it… the thing is MASSIVE…

Biggest penis causing stir

WARNING *GRAPHIC* While we don’t feel comfortable posting a pic of the…jaw-droppingly shocking trunk… you can check out his junk here…

Ross, who is best known for being the first albino pro model, appeared in Braves three and half minutes “Dust” video clip where the model appears walking out of the ocean in his birthday suit.

His southern region has officially broken the Internet with people all around the world questioning whether or not it is real.  While some are reporting that it’s prosthetic, the model hasn't yet responded directly about the controversial topic but he gave us a little hint on instagram: 

ross instagram post

Written By Anna Pentelow