Meet the new swimwear model in Ian Thorpe's life

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Welcome to Ian Thorpe's life and the media spotlight, Ryan Channing.

Ian Thorpe is in a “great relationship” with Ryan Channing, The Courier Mail reported on Sunday, which probably by no coincidence at all, happens to be Valentine’s Day.

Australia’s favourite swimmer is appropriately dating a swimwear model. Ryan hails from Perth and on top of looking beautiful in a pair of swim trunks...

The 26-year-old also finds time to study law. What a catch - well done, Ian.

The couple must have only recently began dating because back in November, the Olympic athlete was a having a bit of a moan to Sunday Style about how difficult it was to find a lad.

"It's an absolute mess out there! I'm like, 'Where are all the normal people?' I've never really dated, so I've come in being almost completely blindsided by this."

But now it's looking like Ian may have finally found the one.


A snitch told The Courier the pair are inseparable, meeting each other's friends and family, and seem really happy.

"While it is early days in relationship terms, they are smitten with one another."

Too early to start thinking of a couple name? Ryan (Ryan + Ian)?


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar