Matty responds to fan backlash after sending Tara home before finale

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People really aren't happy Matty didn't choose Tara last night!

We're not sure who was more heartbroken last night, Tara, Matty or Australia. While Tara has since spoken out saying she "really couldn't give a sh*t about Matty", the rest of the country is still reeling. And many people have made sure Matty knows how upset they are.

There have been thousands of tweets and Instagram comments overnight with fans calling Matty horrible names, and saying they're going to boycott the finale. Some have even sent death threats. 

One user wrote:

"I'm really disappointed. Tara is perfect and you know it. Biggest mistake you could have ever made in your life."

Someone else tweeted what many of us were thinking last night:

“By not picking Tara, I feel like Matty J just broke up with ME.”

Many others questioned how he could sleep at night after sending Tara home. 

One thing that we have to remember though, is that Matty is obviously happy with his chosen lady right now, and while saying goodbye to Tara was difficult for him (he did shed a tear after all) the hate he's receiving probably means very little to him. Which is why instead of responding to the hate directly, he's instead focused on the positive messages he's received.

The marketing manager was seen liking positive comments about him, which were pretty hard to find! One comment read:

"Cmon people this is Matty's choice not the public's choice. We are mere spectators so take a chill pill."

Another lengthier comment read:

Oh I KNEW everyone would start bullying Matty on his Instagram after sending Tara home. The Australian public is oh so predictable once again! Tara’s obviously a great chick. But just because you all want him to be with her, doesn’t mean it’s right for him to be with her!”

“[Matty] keep doing you mate, this is your path and you know how to walk it. Don’t doubt yourself or any decisions you’ve made, just because other people aren’t thrilled about it. I personally am bloody happy for you that you’ve found love. That in itself is a miracle and something to hold onto with both hands.”

When Matty sent Tara home last night she told the cameras:

“I do want to end up with an amazing guy. And I thought it was Matty... I was never scared to fall in love, I was scared of getting my heart broken.

“And here I am, heartbroken. I don't know, you know, I didn't want it to end, I'm devastated.”

Will you be watching the finale tonight?

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Written By Marni Dixit