Married At First Sight’s Sarah gives Telv a harsh ultimatum

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Sarah MAFS

“You’re not ready to commit.”

We know how much Sarah wants Telv to move to Melbourne with her after the Married At First Sight experiment, but when the couple was faced with the Honesty Box on Wednesday night, Sarah revealed she wasn’t willing to be in a long distance relationship with Telv.

Telv tells Sarah he’s already set to move to Melbourne and even has a job sorted. Sarah pushes him, saying, “So, straight away, is that what you’re saying?

Telv looks surprised (as are we, he has children for God’s sake!) and tells her:

“Not overnight, obviously it might take a month. I can’t drop everything straight away, there’s a small process.”

Sarah doesn’t give him much and simply says, “OK.”

Telv then asks her if she thinks he’s worth being in a long distance relationship, and if so, how long for? She tells him:

“I hate long distance relationships, I think they always fail. I’ve tried them before, I’m just very wary of long distance relationships, I think you need physical contact.”


Telv steps in and tells her, “But you do realise we’re going to have to do that for a little bit right? I can’t just pick up and leave as soon as the experiment’s over.”

Sarah responds by saying, “No, I can’t do a long distance, I won’t do long distance.” 

“So if I don’t move in with you straight away, is that a deal breaker?” Telv asks.

She tells him:

“Two weeks to a month without seeing your partner, I think after two weeks it’s like ‘what are you doing, why are you even together if you’re not even going to see each other?’”

“Sometimes I feel like you came here for a reason, I just don’t know if you realise how serious and how important this was to the other party.”

This could mean serious trouble for our favourite couple and to be honest we don’t think it’s very fair of Sarah to push Telv like this! 

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Written By Marni Dixit

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