Mark Hamill says Luke Skywalker could be gay (if we want him to be)

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Luke Skywalker

Better than hooking up with your sister! Mark Hamill says Luke Skywalker 'could' be gay.

After J.J. Abrams said last week that he would love to see a gay character in the Star Wars franchise, Luke Skywalker himself has come and answered J.J.’s wishes.

Speaking to The Sun, Mark Hamill has said that Luke ‘could’ be gay, but he wants to leave it up to fans to decide:

“I just read online that JJ is very much open to that. In the old days you would get fan mail.

“But now fans are writing and ask all these questions, ‘I’m bullied in school... I’m afraid to come out’. They say to me, ‘Could Luke be gay?’ I’d say it is meant to be interpreted by the viewer.

“If you think Luke is gay, of course he is. You should not be ashamed of it. Judge Luke by his character, not by who he loves.”

Considering that we’ve only ever seen Luke hook up with one girl – his own sister – it would be no surprise if he’s sworn off girls for the rest of his life.

We’ll support Luke regardless of if he’s gay or not, but if Star Wars is going to introduce a gay couple, then we’re definitely on the Poe Dameron and Finn ship!

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