Mariah Carey is being heavily criticised for a pic of four-year-old son

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Poor Mariah Carey, she just can't escape social media hate.

It seems celebs aren’t even able to breathe without copping some sort of backlash. The latest Hollywood ~scandal~ to erupt involves Mariah Carey and her four-year-old Moroccan Cannon. The newly engaged singer posted an adorable pic of herself hanging with Roc and his twin sister Monroe in bed along with the caption, "Movie night!".


An innocent enough photo, right? Wrong. Fans went wild when they spotted the dummy in the toddler's mouth, and voiced their concerns in comments underneath the snap.

Roc's pacific love seemto be a hot topic on Mariah's 'gram feed, she posted about it two years ago. Alongside a photo of an adorable Roc asleep with it in his mouth, she wrote how her ex Nick Cannon wanted him weened off it.

"Now listen.. Daddy will be quite perturbed when he sees this chile with a binky but he JUST turned 2! why deprive them so soon?! I know, I know .. Nick is right but.. C'mon." 


What do you think? Not that Mariah Carey cares what you think. At all.


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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