Making A Murderer season two confirmed!

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Making a Murderer

Let the binge watching continue…

Making a Murderer was the show that cruelly took over our lives and turned us into crime solving novices as we spent our nights trying to piece together exactly what happened to Teresa Halbach. 

The popular documentary is a lot of things, gripping, enraging, heartbreaking and downright enthralling. Now the filmmakers of the popular show have pretty much confirmed a second season. 

The filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos told Variety that there is much more to explore in the case of Steven Avery and nephew Brendan Dassey.

“We have no idea when the magistrate will make a decision in Brendan’s case. We do know that two potential outcomes are that the judge could order Brendan’s release or he could order a new trial. So we are on the edge of our seats about that.”

“To the extent that there are significant developments, we would like to continue documenting this case.”

Also speaking at the Stranger Than Fiction panel in New York the filmmakers confirmed that they’ve been in contact and in conversations with Steven Avery’s new lawyer Kathleen Zellner. 

“From our perspective this story is obviously not over. It’s real life and Avery’s and Brendan Dassey’s cases are both still pending.”

Earlier this year Laura and Moira spoke up the possibility of a second season but now it seems like the writing is on the wall and we will be returning to Manitowoc to continue the crime solving. 

Although the documentary series pretty much took over the world, there was still lots of criticism of the filmmakers and how they portrayed the crime. 

Laura and Moira said, 

“To read an article that calls our integrity into question and more or less accuses us of leaving things out when there are 12 factual errors in the first wo paragraphs of the article is frustrating. So we just have to sort of disengage from that and try and have more meaningful conversations.” 

It looks like it’s time to put our crime solving hats on once again! 

Written By Gemma Prendergast