MAFS Snapchat scandal: The twins fight over Nick

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MAFS Twins

It’s no secret that one of the twins is way happier abut her arranged marriage than the other. Now the claws are out!

Sharon and Michelle Marsh were teamed up with non-twin beaus in a TV-tastic double wedding - but while Sharon was chuffed with the strapping Nick Furphy, Michelle was less than thrilled with pint-sized cutie Jesse Konstantinoff.


So when Sharon discovered Michelle and Nick were connected on Snapchat - she lost it. I mean, we all know what Snapchat is really used for, right? 

The showdown is set to hit screens on tonight’s show - with Michelle pleading, “Don’t get weird about the Nick thing… I’ve got everyone on Snapchat,” only to be called “a f***ing nutcase,” by Sharon.

Michelle assured News Corp that the fight was just a misunderstanding:

“Sharon’s a bit computer and technology illiterate. I don’t think she knew what Snapchat was. I think she thought it was like Tinder or something.”

Still - could Nick really tell the difference between a sexy snap from his wife and his twin sister? They have. after all, only known each other for eight weeks…

“We’ve always had a rule about that [not dating the same person]. Once Sharon dates someone they become like a brother to me. So Nick’s like my brother.”


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Shane Warne

Another one? Really?


Drama, drama, drama

Soz team. It’s just a food baby… Not an actual baby.