MAFS' Patrick reveals his childhood weight problem

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Patrick Charlene MAFS

"I was hungry all the time."

Married At First Sight's Patrick Miller has revealed to TV Week how he battled with his weight up until the age of 15.

"I was eating about twice the amount of food my dad was at the age of nine – I was hungry all the time."


In school photos (which you can see here), Patrick appears to be the happy guy he is now, but he told the publication that being overweight at wasn't easy:

"I remember being 80 kilos in grade five and about 112 kilos in year nine... That's big for a little kid."

It wasn't until Patrick began playing basketball that he lost the weight:

"I developed an obsession for it and haven't stopped playing since.

"It taught me how to work within a team, how to excel within myself, and it made me skinny as well. I'm so thankful for it."

Patrick's not the only MAFS star to open up about his weight loss story – both Mat and Alycia have spoken about losing weight with Mat saying he lost a whopping six kilos in ten days just from the stress of making Alycia happy.

Meanwhile, Alycia recently revealed her 42kg weight loss story on Instagram, she wrote:

"When the producers on Married at First Sight learnt about my weight loss journey, I was asked if I had any photos of myself at my biggest to include in my backstory, as it is a significant part of my life. I said no to sharing photos initially as it is hard to look at them myself let alone have others judge me! 

"Despite my smile, I wasn’t a happy person in the photo on the left. I was in a bad relationship I didn’t have the strength to leave at the time, I was constantly criticised for the way I looked & rebelled by eating more. Literally the only reason I said yes to sharing my story in the end is because I was promised that it would help people & I really hope it can."

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Becoming a more positive person helped her transformation both mentally and physically. 

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