MAFS’ Nasser Sultan was ‘kicked out’ of Instagram HQ after demanding a blue tick

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Nasser MAFS

“This isn’t acceptable.”

Married At First Sight’s Nasser Sultan, 51, was denied having his Instagram account verified, but came up with an ingenious plan. 

The social media company told him to apply again in 30 days, so he decided to simply turn up to their head office in Sydney on Thursday demanding to be verified. 

Nasser documented the whole thing on Instagram, he wrote:

“Today I went down to Instagram and Facebook’s HQ in Sydney to demand my verified blue tick ...and got shouted at for filming inside then kicked out. I also still don’t have my tick. #NasserNeedsVerifying.”

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In the video he tells someone through the intercom:

“It's Nasser from Married At First Sight and I'm here for my blue tick, can I come up and get verified?”

He adds:

“No, I have filled out the forms already. Listen, I'll come up and we can talk about it.”

He proceeded to enter the building, the next thing we see is him riding the elevator down to the ground floor.

“So, I come to Instagram and what happens… I still haven’t got my blue tick and I’ve been kicked out. This isn’t acceptable and you haven’t heard the last of me yet, Instagram.”

A week ago he tried enlisting the help of Love Island's Grant Crapp, who recently got his blue tick.

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Nasser said to Grant:

“You got one! How the f**k did you get one? I'm much bigger than you.”

The new friends hugged and confessed their "love" for one another. 

Image: Channel Nine


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"I just felt like this mountain of a woman next to them."


Now that's true love. 

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