A MAFS gal just walked away and we’re SHOOK

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"I'm f**king done"

After the delight that was Tuesdays episode (see: ew feelings), we're right back to Davina and Dean on tonight's MAFS - it might as well get renamed to The Dean and Davina Show tbh.

This time, the pair get quite an audience for their shenanigans; the second group dinner party.

And The Dinner Party Begins:

We're off to a great start too:

“There’s nothing [love] there,” Davina says with finality as Ryan shows off their matching tatts and boasts that they “haven’t had a fight in a week!”

Poor Tracey has no idea and is legit talking about Dean and how hot he looks with his spray tan (forced by Tracey) to Davina while Davina and Dean are making googly eyes.

With her group schmoozing complete, Davina sets her sights (see: red eye of Mordo) on manipulating Tracey.

Here's How to Manipulate A Girl Away From Someone You Want To Bone by Davina Rankin:

1. Tell victim how alike they are (lie).

2. Tell victim to be selfish (like Davina is) and simulataneously prep her for the heartbreak to come.

Sample sentence: “He may not be your perfect person… You do you.”

Finally, without mixing words, 3. Tell victim to end it with eye candy e.g. “It needs to stop.”

Tracey well and truly vanquished, Davina starts telling Dean about how she wants him and wants to pursue things with him.

Openly. At the dinner table. With everyone around and Tracey, RIGHT THERE.

And HOLY MOLEY we interrupt The Davina Show to see Carly who legit just got up from the table and abandoned her ‘husband’ Justin - who is obviously just here for the ice cream business contacts.

“I’m done… He’s a brick wall.”

Meanwhile, Dean and Davina are smooching (vom) and Dean is telling Davina how Tracey’s looks are not her best feature and how he thinks Tracey will “understand”.


And apparently that was all the disgust we were going to get today and the rest will be revealed on Sunday.

That's a two part lead up to Dean and Davina stomping on everyone's feelings in case you were counting along at home.

Image: Channel 9 / MAFS


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Written By Ally Parker