MAFS' Davina has been spotted on Tinder!

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Davina Rankin

Guess things don't go well on Married At First Sight then!

Things haven't exactly been going well between Davina Rankin and her 'husband' Ryan Gallagher on Married At First Sight, so much so, she's been trying to get close to another groom on the show, Dean Wells. But it seems things haven't worked out because the Instagram model has been spotted on Tinder.

A source has told NW that things weren't working out on the show:

“Davina decided to take matters into her own hands, and have a flick through her old Tinder account to see if anyone struck her fancy."

Davina Rankin tinder profile

According to Davina's Facebook page, she's "single" and seemingly ready to mingle. The publication is reporting that the reason Davina's looking for a partner is because she wants to start a family. They revealed she and her friend Rob, reportedly have a "secret baby pact" to have a baby together if they're still single in their 30s. 

"He would make the perfect dad and she knows that they could co-parent well together, because they have such a great relationship already.”

Davina and Ryan

Davina apparently wants a baby before she turns 35 and is reportedly happy to have a backup plan:

“So she knows that no matter what happens on the show, that's the path she will take.”

“Because she knows she has a back-up plan, it's given her this sense of freedom to be extra picky.”

Images: Davina Rankin/Instagram, Tinder and Channel Nine.


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