MAFS' Andrew Jones reportedly moves on with his fourth bride from the show

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Andrew Jonesy Jones MAFS

Married At First Sight's Andrew 'Jonesy' Jones has reportedly moved on to his fourth bride, this time it's Scarlett Cooper.

They appeared to get along very well on the show and it seems that away from the cameras Andrew 'Jonesy' Jones and Scarlett Cooper are quite close! The pair has appeared in a few cosy Instagram snaps recently with Scarlett sharing all the reasons she likes him in one snap where Jonesy has his arm around her and holding her hand.

Considering she's a 'writer' this caption could really use some work: 

"U said to my friend why does scar likes me is it because of tv which is so silly because 1 I was on tv an two I was on the SAME show. No Andrew I like u because u r genuine an funny u let me stay at ur house while u we're away, u confide in me about things u don't tell anyone else, I loved singing with u an even tho I don't believe it u think I'm gorgeous.Thanks for being my friend."

She added in a bunch of hashtags including, "#friends #frienship #friendsforever," but we wouldn't be surprised if this was her way of trying to get people off the scent.

In another snap, the pair is sitting very close together with Scarlett leaning on the fireman.

Having said this, however, she uploaded another snap where she spoke about being lonely while sick in bed. So, we guess they could just be friends. 

It's not the first time these two have sparked romance rumours after appearing very chatty on the MAFS reunion special, possibly bonding over their failed marriages on the show.

Meanwhile, Andrew has left his Instagram Scarlett-free, instead choosing to share snaps of other co-stars including Jesse Konstantinoff, Nick Furphy, Sharon and Michelle Marsh and Andy Hill. 

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