Madonna has her most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction to date

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Madonna is less than graceful as she suffers yet another wardrobe malfunction.

This girl is seriously a 'Material Girl' and by that we mean, Madonna just got stuck in material onstage. Our Hump Day just got that much better. 

You’d think Madonna would have learnt not to wear capes after that disastrous moment at the Brit awards last year when her cape got caught and she went tumbling down a flight of stairs. 

But it appears she hasn't because overnight the 57-year-old pop star suffered another embarrassing wardrobe at the hand of a cape-like clothing item. During her most recent Bangkok leg of her Rebel Heart Tour, the singer had a less than graceful moment when she got stuck in a sheer wedding veil. 

Check out the video for your hilarious viewing pleasure….  

We have a feeling this is the world telling Madge, that she shouldn’t don a wedding dress again. 

Just last week Madonnna left a lot to be desired at her concert in Louisville, Kentucky. Performing on the same tour, Madonna apparently arrived three hours late putting the sold out crowd in a sour mood. Madge went on to mock Kentuckians by talking in a fake hillbilly accent, with some attributing her behaviour to her being drunk on stage. 

Thank you for making our Wednesday that much more enjoyable, Madonna. 

Written By Gemma Prendergast