Lisa of Bachelor in Paradise slams Luke in brutal interview

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"On both shows I met a douche bag!”

In case you’re one of those freaks of nature who isn’t into reality television and instead chooses to spend their time doing weird things like socialising and I dunno, exercising on weeknights, chances are you’re aware that Luke and Lisa of Bachelor in Paradise have gone their separate ways. 

While the duo chose to leave paradise as a couple, their romance was only short-lived on the “outside” with the pair parting in recent months. 

In an interview with Now To Love, Lisa has revealed exactly how she feels post-breakup and judging by her comments, we don’t think she’s too fond of her ex at the moment. 

“Unfortunately the trust was lost, and I respect myself a little bit too much to let somebody walk all over me like that, so we separated,” she told the publication. 

Comments made by both Luke and Lisa have led fans to believe Luke may have been unfaithful, but there’s been no confirmation of that from either side.

“I think mistakes happen,” went on to tell Now To Love.

“People have to live with those consequences and Luke is responsible for his actions.”

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When asked which reality TV experience she preferred, Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise, Lisa said:

“I think I liked the environment of being more naive about how everything works, like in the Bachelor. I loved that we had this really solid group of girls and that dates were a lot more extravagant.

“Bachelor in Paradise was a more realistic way to meet someone; you have a lot more time with each person.

“I think I'm going to go with the Bachelor.

“Look, on both shows, I met a douche bag - so what do you go with? Go with the extravagant dates!"

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