Lindsay Lohan has a very funny story about Harry Styles

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Lindsay Lohan and Harry Styles almost could've been a thing.

This week seems to be all about Lindsay Lohan. She kind of/sort of went public with her new BF, a Russian heir named Egor Tarabasov, on social media. 


And now her very funny story about the first time she met Harry Styles is spreading through the Interwebs. Lindsay told The Sun the One Direction-er showed up at her hotel room at 2am wearing a suit and hoping for some fun.

Harry's only problem? Lindsay didn't recognise him.


"I said, 'Well, you’re very good-looking — can I help you?' That was it. I was like, 'I’m going to bed but it was nice to meet you'."

She said she was intrigued by his charm, but really wanted to get back to the film she was watching. Which actually doesn't sound like the Lindsay we know at all.

"It was 2am, I had just come back from an AA meeting. I looked like s*** too."

Definitely didn't see that one coming.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar