Leonardo DiCaprio has another doppelgänger – and he’s a Ralph Lauren model

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Leo Dicaprio Doppelganger

Now we know what would happen if Leo modelled for Ralph Lauren! Leo’s doppelganger is now a Ralph Lauren model.

Just last month, the internet found someone who looks like Leonardo DiCaprio … if Leo wasn’t famous, had an extra 10kg on him, and was in the Russian forces.

This time, the internet found someone else who looks like Leo: a Swedish musican named Konrad Annerud. 

Except this time around, Leo’s doppelganger would probably give Zoolander a run for his money in being really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

Seriously, just look at him:

Leo Dicaprio Doppelganger

While Annerud has his sights set on music, his Leo-like looks got so much traction on his Instagram that he just landed a gig modelling the Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

Leo Dicaprio Doppelganger

Just when we thought that it was impossible that Leo’s beauty could exist in more than one person, we’re blessed with not one, not two, but THREE Leo-like figures. 

Leo Dicaprio Doppelganger

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