Laurina Fleure has been slammed for refusing to take part in a I’m A Celebrity challenge

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Laurina Fleure, I'm a celebrity get me out of here

Laurina Fleure has been slammed for refusing to partake in a Tucker Trial on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here. 

It was the first Tucker Trial of the season and of course Laurina (Dirty street pie) Fleure was forced to partake. However, the ex-Bachelor contestant found herself in some hot water after she refused to participate in the challenge. 

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To be fair, the challenge involved her eating a bull’s eye and blood-soaked roasted maggots in a round of spin the bottle. The model found herself the talk of social media with many users saying that she was not a team player. 



“There is no way in hell I would ever be able to chew that and swallow it. So I am not going to torture myself. Do you want to see me chew it and gag ten times and then spit it out anyways… is that what you want?”

The 31-year-old model also ruffled her camp mates’ feathers with NRL star Paul Harragon saying he believes Laurina’s behaviour was due to her never being a part of a team.  “You have a different mindset when you come from a team background. You tend to do more for someone else than yourself.” Harragon said. 

Laurina’s newly found love jumped to her defence saying she’s “no princess.”

 “I understand that perception is out there, but the real Laurina- the Laurina I know- is the first to roll her sleeves up. She’s really not a princess, and not afraid to get her hands dirty. I think it’ll be great to see her do more fear-related physical challenges on the show, because she’ll nail them. With her history with the stomach issues, it was no surprise she wasn’t down for eating a bull’s eye with maggots on top. She’s truly terrified of having to relive those sort of stomach issues,” her boyfriend told

It wasn’t just Laurina’s inability to eat some maggots that’s been making headlines. The other night the former Bachelorette contestant revealed that she has had an extensive amounts of cosmetic procedures to get her face point. The 31-year-old was quite proud when she announced she’s had “lots of work done”, including getting her ears pinned back, a boob job, liposuction in her armpits, skin peels and Botox. 

“There are some people who are the ambassadors for living healthy and stying beautiful and I am the ambassador for how to party and pill it off.” (WOW, SOMEONE IS A BIT UP THEMSELVES.)


That dirty street pie looks like nothing these days doesn’t it Laurina?!?

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Another one? Really?


Drama, drama, drama

Soz team. It’s just a food baby… Not an actual baby.