Kris Jenner reveals devastating loss: " I had a miscarriage at three months"

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Whether you love or hate Kris Jenner, her miscarriage revelation is heartbreaking.

**Firstly, we understand that Kris Jenner is not the only person to go through a miscarriage- in fact it happens to one in five Aussie women- but we think it’s great she has revealed this personal tribulation to provide comfort to woman who are going through the same thing.**

The Kardashian/Jenner Matriarch did an interview with People magazine to commemorate her late friend Nicole Brown Simpson who was murdered in 1994.

kris and nicoleJenner and her bestfriend Nicole. IMAGE | TWITTER

During the interview Jenner revealed a very personal experience that she has never discussed before. 

"Before I got pregnant with Kendall, I had a miscarriage at three months. Nicole really got me through that. 

"I had never run before," says Jenner. "And Nicole would encourage me. She got me running – and she told, me, 'I promise you'll get pregnant again.

"There were some really great precious moments we shared, ones that you have when you spend your life with someone," Jenner added.


Kris said she had a miscarriage before Kendall was born. IMAGE | TWITTER

Jenner discussed her unique relationship with both Nicole and O.J adding that  she lost more than just a best friend:

"They were my family," Jenner said. "O.J. was like my big brother. So I not only mourned the loss of Nicole, but I mourned the loss of O.J. and that relationship."

krisO.J. Simpson was charged with Nicole's murder however later acquitted of all criminal charges.

Her interview comes out ahead of the release of the FX series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. Her Ex hubby, Robert Kardashian was O.J’s close friend and defense attorney in the trial. Kris has spoken before about how the case caused a real strain in Robert and her relationship.

Written By Anna Pentelow