Kate Moss is being trolled by her little sis

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Siblings say the darnedest things

Ah, siblings. They are a blessing and a curse. And no matter how famous you are - no matter how untouchable and god-like you may seem to the general public - to your siblings you will always be just so much material for memes.

Lottie Moss, little sister to arguably the most famous supermodel of all time, recently took to Instagram to show just how unintimidated she was by her sister Kate, who is 24 years her elder.

Earlier today, the 19-year-old posted what looks to be a homemade meme of her older sister, poking fun at what has to be one of the primary uses of Kate moss photos on the internet.


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'when u don't have a single decent picture to post on Instagram to post on Instagram so u post a random pic of Kate moss & say "mood,"' read the meme.

We're laughing, but we're also crying, because what do you know: she trolled all of us, too.

Written By Kirsty Sier

We're not all that far away from it, people.


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