New details emerge of Karl and Peter Stefanovic's secret Uber 'venting'

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Reports emerged on Tuesday that television brothers Karl and Peter Stefanovic were secretly recorded having a vent in an Uber.

The allegations surfaced after reporter Peter Ford released the below Tweet: reported that Ford had the conversation transcribed to him and revealed the contents of the conversation:

“They talked about jobs, about life, a bit of bitching and a bit of moaning. But I think most people would think, there but for the grace of God go I.”

Ford then identified Georgie Gardener as a topic of said 'bitching and moaning' but this is unconfirmed.

"They have a very frank and full conversation; talk about lots of people, he told The Australian.

"The driver is in the front seat recording the whole thing, and is now shopping it around. How low is that? You can’t use it, because it’s an illegally recorded conversation. Any media outlet out there wouldn’t be able to quote from the conversation."

Since this time, a Nine spokesperson has told The Daily Telegraph that neither Peter nor Karl will be required to offer a "sincere, formal" apology.

The publication has also stated that Nine News and Current Affairs head honcho Darren Wick, Today's Mark Calvert and 60 Minutes' Kirsty Thomson were both discussed by the brothers.

Finally, Nine confirmed they had not bought the audio, which is reportedly being shopped to the media at the highest bid, nor had bosses been consulted about the recording.

Nova has reached out to Channel Nine for comment.

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