Justin Timberlake posts up an incredibly sweet message for his wife Jessica Biel

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She’s the luckiest girl on Earth! Justin Timberlake posts up an incredibly sweet birthday message for Jessica Biel over Instagram!

Move over Channing Tatum because there’s a new leader in the ‘adorable gestures for his wife’ race.

After showing sharing some ridiculously adorable photos of him and his son, followed by the most heart-warming Christmas Instagram post ever, Justin Timberlake has taken to Instagram again to express happy birthday to his wife, Jessica Biel.

And it’s about as sweet and loving as you might imagine…

Justin Timberlake Instagram

As if it wasn’t enough to marry Justin Timberlake, and being the mother of possibly the most adorable boy ever, Jessica’s constantly on the receiving end of his adorable declarations of love.

Needless to say, we’re a bit jealous of her…

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