Justin Bieber's ‘saucy’ Instagram pic sends the internet into a frenzy!

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Well, Hello Justin. 

Justin Bieber has uploaded a racy pic to Instagram that has sent Bieber fans everyone into a frenzy. In the photo Justin is topless and he is casually grabbing his ‘member’ (which we’ve all secretly seen.) with the caption, ‘Sweet dreams.’ 


One comment said, “OMFG WHYYYY SO HOT BABY” 

This isn’t the first time that Bieber has sent the internet into a frenzy last October .While Justin was on holiday’s in Bora Bora he decided to go for a little nudey swim. This sneaky little skinny dip led to his “thing’ popping up ALL.OVER.THE.INTERNET. 

It was just two weeks ago that Justin shared a photo of himself locking lips with 19-year-old model Hailey Baldwin. The couple constantly denied any rumours of a relationship but this photo pretty much sealed the deal.


Last week Bieber made headlines as he was spotted rocking a brand new hairstyle. It was the hair trend that swept through hairdressers all of 2015. The man-bun. Now Justin Bieber has finally caught up with the trend and was spotted rocking a teeny-tiny version. Although he may be a year too late Justin’s man-bun is full of potential. The singer was seen sporting his teeny-tiny bun at Sean Penn & Friend’s Help Haiti Home Gala.


We wonder if Justin Bieber will ever be able to put a shirt on in 2016!!!


Written By Gemma Prendergast