Justin Bieber on Hailey Baldwin: “She’s someone I really love”

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Justin Bieber’s relationship status has always been a hot topic of conversation - is he dating Hailey Baldwin? The Biebs opened up to GQ magazine and answered some of our many questions. 

Is he or isn’t he dating Hailey Baldwin… Is he back together with Selena Gomez? These are the questions that have been circulating social media.

The What Do You Mean singer always has us on our toes guessing. First, he posted an epic pic of him and Hailey pashing each other on NYE, next Hailey’s dad said that they were just "friends" and now Justin has declared his love for her.

Confused or what?

The Biebs is on the cover of GQ’s March issue and answered all our questions.

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What does he think of Hailey Baldwin?

The 21-year-old admitted that he has strong feelings towards the model, saying: “She’s someone I really love. We spend a lot of time together”.  Remember when they went to St. Barts together?

He still hasn’t clarified whether or not they are ‘official’ but I think that’s as far as we will get with him atm.


Justin and Hailey hanging together. 

Who is Justin apologising to in his hit song Sorry?

Justin spent a lot of time last year apologising for his past wrongdoings, so many people believed Sorry was him apologising for his mistakes.

"People ran with that, that I was like, apologising with that song and stuff. It really had nothing to do with that."

However, Bieber confirmed it was in fact about a girl. Sadly, he didn’t let us know who the girl was but our money is on Selena.

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Justin added that he didn’t regret any of his past behaviour, as it made him the person he is today:

"Everyone when they start growing up realises, 'Man, I did some dumb s**t when I was younger,'" he says. "It's not just me...If I could go back I wouldn't really change much. I think it's all my journey. That stuff made me who I am."

We forgive you, Justin. Just hurry up and release another song already.

Written By Anna Pentelow
Jessica Szohr Ed Westwick

The pair dated for a couple of years after getting together in 2008.


Someone's moving on fast!