Justin Bieber and James Corden are friendship goals as they carpool to the Grammys

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Justin Bieber and James Corden carpool Karaoke

The master that is James Corden has done it again as Justin Bieber joins him for a Grammy version of Carpool Karaoke. 

If you haven’t heard have you been living under a rock? the 2016 Grammy Awards happened today. What better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than a quick carpool karaoke?!?

Donning white tuxes, the BFFs pair drove around LA singing Grammy-nominated song Uptown Funk

It’s one of those things that you never thought you needed until it happened. Justin Bieber and James Corden wearing matching white suits singing along to Uptown Funk will be something we remember forevas #AMIRITE. 

After the video aired on the red carpet James Corden joked…

“Bieber is my go-to for every facet of my life.”

With the pair now reaching BFF status, we’re surprised that they didn’t walk the Grammys red carpet together. Instead Justin walked the carpet with his sassy little brother Jaxon.

Justin Bieber on the Grammy's Red Carpet

Justin Bieber on the Grammys Red Carpet

We have one question for the Biebs though…. What is going on with that wispy, terrible facial hair Justin. PLZ REMOVE ASAP. 

Today Justin won his first ever Grammy for Where Are U Now taking out Best Dance Recording. The 21-year-old also stole the show with an incredible performance of Love Yourself and Where Are U Now. 

Justin Bieber wins his first Grammy

James Corden’s carpool Karaoke took over the Internet last year and it shows no signs of slowing down. In January, our favourite car trip of all time was released when Adele sat in the passenger seat

The real gem of the ride is when Corden brought up Adele’s supposed skills as a rapper. The songstress confirmed that the rumours were true when she ABSOLUTELY NAILED what is considered to be Nicki Minaj’s best verse ever. (THE NEW QUEEN)


Written By Gemma Prendergast
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