Jodi Anasta is very, very skinny now

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She's always been petite, but these new pics are jaw-dropping...

She’s always had a killer figure, but on Tuesday Jodi Gordon (formerly Anasta) sent shockwaves through the Inter-webs when Daily Mail Australia published photos of the former Home And Away actress looking ~much~ slimmer than usual. Dressed in a dusty pink one-piece and wearing a pair of stylish metallic sunglasses, Jodi, who split with husband of three years Braith, was all skin and bones as she spent a day at the beach with former co-star Tessa James.

After her split from Braith, Jodi told Daily Telegraph she was dedicating herself to acting, her Myer ambassador gig, and looking after her 22-month-old daughter.

“I’m just throwing myself into work and there’s just a really strong focus on Aleeia and making sure she’s happy and healthy and enjoying life as much as me,” she said.

Beaching it w my angel

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A month before, Jodi spoke with DMA about her workout goals.

“I’m just being a mum... and doing weights training. I'm trying to build muscle. I’m training with a new trainer so it’s going well. I'm lifting all different types of weights, but only once a week.”

Watch Jodi reveal her post-baby body tips...

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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