Jo Beth Taylor: “We all think she’s a cow”

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Im a celebrity get me out of here Laurina under fire

Oh dear. Things are going from bad to worse on the set of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, with an admission from one celeb of how they really feel about Laurina Fleure.

She was the most disliked character on The Bachelor Season Two back in 2014, and it seems not much has changed for Laurina Fleure for her second stint on Australian television.

The 31-year-old has ruffled a few feathers in the jungle, particulary fellow castmate Jo Beth Taylor.

If you missed the episode, Jo blasted Laurina after she took the communal mirror for 20 minutes to pluck her eyebrows.

Come on Jo… A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

However, Jo thought that it was a selfish move by Laurina as she needed the mirror to put her contact lenses in.

Camp chief Warnie then came to Jo’s rescue, when he announced a new rule: NO ONE MOVE THE MIRROR FROM THE SINK!!

Well, this really fired Laurina up, “We’re all entitled to use the mirror for 10 minutes”.

JO and shane warne

Later on, Jo unleashed her dislike for Laurina,

"She's just so trashy. If she gets famous from being a b**** I'll be so devastated at the entertainment industry. 

"There's so many talented people out of work and you get famous for being a b****."

The TV presenter added that she was not the only one that felt like this about Laurina,

'No one likes her, that’s the honest truth, except Havana. We all think she’s a cow'. 

While it’s obvious quite a few of her castmates aren't massive Laurina fans, it seems like viewers have a completely different opinion on the 'mirror' sitch. 

Fans come to support laurinafans support laurina

Laurina proved that she’s tougher than she looks when she took on 45 snakes:

This comes after she was slammed for refusing to take part in an earlier challange. 

We bet Laurina would do anything for a dirty street pie right now. 

If you have missed an episode of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here watch it here on tenplay.

Written By Anna Pentelow
Shane Warne

Another one? Really?


Drama, drama, drama

Soz team. It’s just a food baby… Not an actual baby.