Jarrod Woodgate reveals the real reason behind split with Keira Maguire

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"I couldn't fake it anymore"

News broke a little over a week ago that Bachelor in Paradise's star couple Jarrod Woodgate and Keira Maguire had called it quits.

Rumours started up minutes after they announced the split, with one of the loudest being that Jarrod dumped Keira for former flame (if you can call dating someone en masse a 'flame') Sophie Monk.

Since then, Jarrod has broken his silence, spilling the tea to WHO Magazine and admitting he just "couldn't fake it anymore".

"Being in the public eye, we made it look like we had a perfect relationship and that’s what people see on Instagram. I found myself turning into something I wasn’t [and] I couldn’t fake it anymore," he told the publication.

"Her Instagram following is overwhelming and it was taking over our relationship. She’s purely Instagram-focused, and that takes up a lot of time."

One look at Keira's Instagram shows some potential for truth behind Jarrod's statement:




"I’d spend two days a week with her and it [was] basically all Instagram-based. It’s hard because you’re competing with 177,000 other people that follow her, but I shouldn’t have to compete," the Vineyard owner continued.

"Keira is a beautiful woman and I had the best times I’ve had in my life with her. But I didn’t see it going anywhere. For me, it wasn’t a genuine connection because everything we did went through Instagram, and I’m a farm guy who hardly touches his phone."

Last week, Keira spoke out about the split, claiming Jarrod dumped her for not having a full time job.

”He would get really frustrated because I didn't have a job and [he] couldn't understand my lifestyle, earning money from Instagram," she told WHO.

"The thing is, I earn more than he does. Everyone thinks he's this rich man who owns a winery. He doesn't. He works on his parents' farm and wasn't supporting me financially. If anything, it was me spoiling the s--- out of him."

The two-time reality TV contestant also told New Idea how quickly things changed between the pair.

"As soon as the show came on, we struggled," she told the publication.

“We saw each other in a different light and I saw the things he was saying, watching him with Ali [Oetjen] and Simone [Ormesher] on dates. I was so vulnerable and it was too much for me. We never recovered from that. He fell for Ali so easily and was so flippant with his feelings. I worried if he even liked me."

And that's not all. Keira claims that after nine months together, she was ditched in a pretty brutal way:

"He sent me a message saying, 'I don't think this is working out,' and that was it."

Image: Instagram / Keira Maguire


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