This Is How Much MAFS Stars Really Get Paid

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Spoiler alert: Not a lot.

Ah fame.

She's a fickle one, but has long attracted many folk due to her ability to pay out big bucks, bring in followers and ~luhhvers~.

Only, it turns out the 'big bucks' bit isn't quite true. 

Telv Williams from the 2018 season of Married At First Sight, has revealed what contestant get paid to appear on the show.

And let's just say... don't quit your day job.

'Cause it's $150 smackers a day (tax free).

"You gotta do all your own hair and makeup. You gotta do your own dress, buy your own clothes," he added.

"You get paid $150 dollars a day, tax free. It's sh**, it's rubbish... everything is off your own f***ing back."

Now, for some, $150 might not sound that bad. After all, you're just living your life and having nice wine/meals right?

Let's put it in perspective.

NSW, the state where the series is filmed, awards $104.75 per day for the first ten days of jury duty.

If you are employed, your rate will increase to $235.65 per day starting the eleventh day of the service (unemployed jurors remain on $104.75 per day). There's also a travel allowance of 30 cents per kilometre. 

TL;DR Martha had to buy that Prada dress and probs get it dry cleaned out of her own pocket.

We'll just leave this here:

Image: MAFS / Channel 9

Written By Ally Parker