This is how much Hannah Spearritt earned during her S Club 7 days

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S Club 7

Former S Club 7 pop star Hannah Spearritt reveals how much she made during her time in the world’s cheesiest pop band, and it’s not as much as you might think!

During the nineties, you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing a tune from that hit pop group S Club 7. With songs pumping 24/7, their own TV show, and a massive fanbase, you’d think that each of the group’s seven members would be absolutely rolling in pop star millions.

Well, not exactly.

Chatting to The Telegraph, Hannah Spearritt revealed that she earned on average ‘only’ £150,000 per year during her four-year tenure as an S Club 7 member. Using our basic math skills, four years of singing Don’t Stop Movin’ to fans everywhere would’ve netted Hannah a neat £600,000, which is about $1.198 million in Aussie money.

So while she isn't quite into ‘pop star millions’ territory, Hannah's earned herself a tidy little sum right there!

And with S Club 7 reuniting for a tour just last year, we’re pretty sure Hannah has added quite a bit more to that initial £600,000.



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