Heather Maltman wants to do the strangest thing to her boyfriend’s face

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Heather, I'm a celebrity

Heather Maltman and her boyfriend are doing the long distance thing and she admits it’s going to be difficult, “It is hard cos I kind of want to lick his face.” 

Ex Bachelor star Heather Maltman is about to star in her very own TV show. She will join comedian Joel Creasy to host a behind-the-scenes show which will follow I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Here!.

The no longer single Bachelor star has talked to news.com.au about how her relationship is going to work while she is in South Africa, “It’s a bit s**house, he is pretty hot. Hopefully he gets to come and visit. We’ll see how we go. We do FaceTime quite a bit and we chat on the phone pretty much every day. It is pretty sad actually.” 

Heather quickly added, “It is hard cos I kind of want to lick his face.”  (Yes Heather, that is ‘completely’ normal. Let’s just say our first reaction after seeing a good looking bloke isn’t to lick his face. But Heather, you do you, girl, you do you.) 

Heather and boyfriend at Sydney airport

This is Heather’s first major TV gig since she competed for Sam Wood’s affection on the Bachelor last year. Speaking about I’m A Celebrity she said, “It is kind of cool and kind of terrifying because I’ve never captained a ship before and I’m pretty sure if I was the captain of the Titanic I would have gone straight into an iceberg.”

So about the whole being in the jungle thing Heather said, “I am scared of everything that moves so I would probably get in there and be terrified that something would eat me in my sleep.” GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. 

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! starts this Sunday and we suspect it’s going to be HUGE.  The question on everyone’s lips is who exactly is heading into the big bad jungle. 

If the rumours are correct it looks like the King of Spin Shane Warne will be right in the thick of it and we suspect that he is going to ruffle some feathers. But alas, we’re just going have to wait till Sunday to find out which unlucky celebs are joining the crew this year. 

So Heather, good luck with it all, we hope you quickly overcome your urge to lick people’s faces. 

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Written By Gemma Prendergast