Did Roxy Jacenko just call out one of the men at the centre of Pixie’s lewd photo scandal?

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Did the culprit of the Pixie Curtis lewd photo scandal just get called out?

Being one of Australia’s most well-known four-year-olds, Pixie Curtis is no stranger to media attention. But this week, the attention wasn’t for the best reason. 


Her PR queen mum Roxy Jacenko announced she was filing charges against three men who had doctored photos of Pixie to place her in inappropriate situations. Speaking to Fitzy & Wippa on Wednesday, Roxy described the situation as disgusting and sick.

"When your four-year-old daughter becomes the target of a sick internet joke you think why her and why me. My job is to protect her. The people who have done this and circulated photos of her in sexual or explicit images are sick. It's pedophilia. I don't know how someone could find it enjoyable."

While Roxy didn't say who exactly was responsible for the prank, she did hint that the men had some involvement in the fashion scene. So on Sunday, when she posted the below shot and caption, we couldn't help but wonder, did she just call out the prankster?

"Labelled a "local hero" in a Mag today. But in reality .... There's nothing heroic about what you had a part in......"


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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