Hang on, is MAFS’ Troy going to propose to his ‘wife’ Ash?!

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Good move?

Oh, my holy hell. 

We’re getting to the pointy end of this season of Married At First Sight and the couples are having to decide if they’d like to give their relationships a go in the real world (because, ya know, that went so well for the couples last year).

In a promo for Tuesday night’s episode, we see tensions rise between Tracey and Dean (girl, dump his ass) and complications emerge for freaking LO-VE-LY couple John and Melissa (nooooo). But probably the most noteworthy moment in the entire clip is the one that suggests Troy just might just propose to Ash, for REALZ. 

In the promo, Troy and Ash are hanging out on the beach when Troy decides to turn to his reality TV bride and say:

“I would like to deliver something to you.”

He then appears to grab something out of his pocket (we’re cringing) as Ash says:

“Oh my god!” Over and over. 

mafs_nine_network ash troy.jpg

Despite the fact that Ash seems as though she can barely even tolerate Troy (never mind that these two have only known one another for like, a couple of months and the idea that they’re meant to already be ‘married’ on the show) the reality TV groom looks like he’s getting down on bended knee and proposing. 

Surprisingly, Ash looks thrilled at whatever the hell is actually going down, here. Which kindaaaaa makes us think this is just a romantic gesture, not a proposal...


Here’s hoping what Troy actually pulls out of his pocket is a voucher for cooking classes so Ash never has to witness him try and butter a pan with cheese again. 

See the full clip here. 

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