Gigi Hadid was rejected TWICE before she landed a spot on the Victoria Secret runway

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She looked absolutely gorgeous on the VS runway but it turns out it took hard work and dedication to get there. 

It’s hard to believe that this supermodel was turned down twice by Victoria Secret to appear on the runway. Her mother, Yolanda Foster told that ‘this didn’t just fall into her lap. She missed it twice, this was her third try and she pulled it off and got a spot that millions and millions of beautiful woman deserve as much as she does. That’s part of the game though.’


Gigi and her mother Yolanda after the show IMAGE | GETTY

The 20-year-old didn’t let it get to her down and continued to fight for her dream to appear on the angel runway. If there is anything we can get from this story, it's to never give up on your dreams. 

Watch the moment that Gigi found out she was going to be on The Victoria Secret runway:

Written By Anna Pentelow
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