Gaz Beadle’s Mrs is copping backlash for her weight loss 10 days after giving birth

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Does this bother you?

Geordie Shore alumni Gaz Beadle, 29 and his partner Emma McVey, 25, have opened up about their lives as parents to little Chester in an interview with OK! Mag.

The couple took the opportunity to slam those who have criticised McVey’s quick weight loss after giving birth; the model has reportedly dropped the baby weight in just ten days. 

“I basically made smoothies and shakes to get everything in after Chester's feed, but I got hammered for that. Would I have got hammered if I was eating a pizza?” she told the publication.

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Beadle continued, hitting back at those who have criticised his partner because they haven’t been able to bounce back like she did:

“Yes, Emma has good genes and she's bounced back. Some people do and some people don't, but that's not our fault. Don't get angry at us because she did and you didn’t.”


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